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if you give me wings i will soar for you

私に翼をくれるなら 私はあなたのために飛ぼう

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Welcome to hyouhakuzai_fic, or Bleach Fic in English. In this community you will mostly find one-shots, with the occasional sequel or mini-series thrown in.

This was originally created to house all of afteriwake's Bleach fic that doesn't fit in either of her AUs; Lingering Winter or Evening Twilight (links below). She had been posting them at her fic community Ragnarok's Fic but decided that since there was so much she should create a community just for it. Later she decided to open it up to two of her close friends and fellow Bleach writers kanjo_girl and thiscanbegin, and eventually expanded it to include darkmagic_luvr and unwritten_icons, with more possibly in the future.

afteriwake's request post (open for all three of her Bleach fic communities)
kanjo_girl's request post
thiscanbegin's request post
unwritten_icon's request post
darkmagic_luvr's request post

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